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Tweets 25 Jan 18
January 26th: A day to cherish and celebrate the biggest democracy!
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LDP India 14 Jan 18
An amber light means prepare to wait - unless it is not safe to do so.
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LDP India 14 Jan 18
Do Not Drive and Text - If you need to send a message on your mobile phone when you're in the car, stop somewhere safe to send it.
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LDP India 15 Jan 18
Be Aware of Stopping Distance - Leave enough of a gap between you & the vehicle in the front. If you drive an older car, the gap needs to be greater as it's going to take you longer to stop.
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LDP India 13 Jan 18
SLOW DOWN ON THE ROADS: Observe the speed limit and set a good example for young drivers.
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14 Rights Every Employee in India Must Know
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LibraryofData 10 Sep 17
Call for Applications: WHO Legal Development Programme on Road Safety: Apply by Sept 17 via
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Foreign Law Firms in India: Why it isn't a Bad Thing
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GST Composition Scheme: Boon or Bane for Small Businesses?
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We celebrate the bravery of our ancestors and their gift of freedom. Long may our flag wave! Happy Independence Day!
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GSTR-3B Filing Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide
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5 Heads of Income: Do You Know Under Which Head You Are Taxable?
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Kshitij Bajaj 2 Aug 17
Sir and Madam - please see if we can build this for India. It'll help our judiciary.
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What is GST and How It Will Affect You: All Your Questions Answered
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GST Returns: The Definitive Guide Types of GST Returns and Due Dates.
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Hindustan Times 10 Apr 17
If you are a home buyer, here’s some bad news: States fail to set up real estate regulator, reports
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Women victims of to get 90 days paid leave during inquiry
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