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It exists right here.
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Hats off to ! Noun. SHPILKES pl (plural only) A state of impatience, agitation, anxiety, or any combination thereof
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Rob Smith May 16
The badges. Member 270, Listed and OTC Specialist. V accounts were local independent trader, I was VROB . clerk badge. Midwest SE clerk badge. clearing badge. My name and number from the specialist post
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Trumpeter outside CBOT.
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LindaB May 21
Chicago Board of Trade
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Optionsgame May 20
If the trend continues in the micro contracts, it is good news for the IOM seat after years of beatings.
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Replying to @bbands
Congrats on what you’ve built!
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U.S. Route 41 May 17
Replying to @jlaich
Once upon a time in the livestock pits of the CME, the fundamentals indicated selling hogs and buying cattle was a better than great trade. Traders were hauled off the floor in stretchers.
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Joel D. Amaro, AAMS® May 18
Watch this historic Paramount newsreel with the first footage shot on the trading floor of the NYSE, 1938:
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Miguel A Boggiano May 19
Gran foto en el Chicago Board of Trade con los participantes del último Chicago Trading Tour de
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Fueled Collective May 17
The many lives of our trading floor... from commodities, to .
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frank walsh May 16
FHW in OEX pit. After 35 years, still a good question.
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Tommy Grisafi May 15
My father and I June 24, 2015 PJ Says USE THE PIT!
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Open Outcry Brewing May 11
Beer Drop Alert! Writing Options White Ale is the perfect late-spring refresher! Brewed w/ pilsen malt, wheat, oats & very lightly hopped (5.0% ABV). Steeped with & (bitter orange peel) in the kettle leaving a fruity & spicy complexity (5.0% ABV)
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Replying to @jodykwik
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Tommy Grisafi May 14
Crazy Day Today @ CBOT Floor. 😮
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Tommy Grisafi May 14
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Replying to @jodykwik
Did you buy it?
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Do they still have three sizes for the Dow? ($2, $5 and $10 I recall)
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