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could have retired the day after he bought the ‘87 low and never looked back.
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SharkFarmer Dec 11
From jumping out of planes to trading on the floor of the CBOT... The life of is truly inspiring
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Matt Nygaard, CMT 15h
Replying to @AndrewThrasher
When I was a clerk on the CBOE in 1993, they used to send me to other DPMs to borrow some upticks for their stocks....
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is hanging it up?
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MikeC Dec 11
October 15th was 10 years and I still have dreams of dudes like this. Once a floor monkey, always a floor monkey, I guess. Or something.
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Just bought wheat so it’s probably time for you all to get short.
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Replying to @MSGCapital
To life!
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141 West Jackson, ⁦⁦⁩, and I’m also long grains.
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Replying to @JohnCMcGinley
You’re a mensch, .
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“OK Buddy Buddy...we are back in business on Bluestar!”
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Congrats on the move to !
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W Dec 8
มองไปมองมาจนตาลาย ภาพแรกเป็นภาพถ่าย chicago board of trade ขนาด 1.5 x 2.8 m. ล้มทับคนมิดได้
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michael mando Dec 8
Ok I am at the top right in the green jacket with the yellow collar
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Patrick Rooney Dec 8
I was in the euro pit 91-92 with Euro Spreaders (Peter Shirk and JFNs group) and stood in the entrance that the options pit backed up to. Don would nudge me occasionally to get his futures hedges off with Bill Cav or one of our other brokers. Don was a machine.
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CBOT Building™ Dec 7
Did you know? Advertisers loving using 141 W Jackson as a backdrop. Audi did it in the early 2000s, showing how their cars handle the harsh Chicago winters.
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King corn.
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Jedimarkus Dec 6
Another first lesson learned on the CME floor: If they hit your bid or lift your offer, you are about to be wrong....
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Bruce Lawrence Dec 5
Replying to @MSGCapital
The quietest I ever heard the pits was in the old CBOT floor in the minute or 2 following the Challenger shuttle explosion. The launch had been on most of the tv screens and then a deathly silence ensued. A moment of pure stunned emotion in an unlikely place.
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