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Lee Travers 22h
On the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Learning every day to change everything
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CarePatrol, Scottsdale Feb 16
I was in the CBOT MMI futures pit on 10/19/87 when Blair Hull ran over from the CBOE. My first thought was, I’m not fading this guy and bought the MMI as well. Thanks for this story, it was a incredible day!!!!
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NinjaTrader Ecosystem Feb 14
: Postcard of Board of Trade, class of 1908.
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Adrian Feb 15
I miss the chain smokers in wacky jackets that used to haunt this spot. A whole culture died with the end of open outcry trading.
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Show them a real trading floor:
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LynneMarek Feb 15
Recently freed former CBOT Chairman Pat Arbor didn't want to talk yesterday, but here's his statement thru a PR person and our story on how he got out:
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“No matter what the models say, traders are not machines guided by silicon chips; they are impressionable and imitative; they run in flocks and retreat in hordes.”
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Corn Option Flow -JL Feb 13
Cbot on delayed metra - again.
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Patrick Arbor released from jail after reaching divorce settlement with ex-wife
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Replying to @dbarkin
Here better photos (read: Chicago):
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John Tsitrian Feb 14
Replying to @paxtrader777
By my standards, yes. It took me two years to get into the black at the CBOE, but was able to keep my head above water while I got things figured out. There was a revolving door of newbies during the interim who tapped out within a few months of putting on a badge.
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I’d rather be eating , but...
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Gino's East Feb 13
Don’t mind us, just eating Ginos East with a beautiful view of the Chicago Board of Trade 📍(Wayne Enterprises 🦇)
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Rick Ramos Feb 12
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MrTopStep Feb 8
Traders from the floor of the should know where this is....
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PaxTrader777 Feb 10
I love trading. I could not imagine doing anything else. I went to College around my career working every job on the CME floor till I got my shot to trade. I did not want to fill orders. I wanted to be a trader! My journey has a trader has been an interesting one to say the least
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Steve Sears Feb 10
Replying to @Esoxgolf @CBOE
Thanks for clarifying. owns the building, as I recall. I remember, as I'm sure you do, how they reserved loads of extra space in case they needed to expand the trading floor. How times change.
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Auction open for royalties on “Trading Places” (1983) at ⁦⁩.
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John Balla Feb 8
Anytime you and are in Chicago, shoot me a message, I’ll get you down on the trading floor!!
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