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Peter Flax
If helmets are like seat belts, why do countries with the lowest usage of helmets have the lowest fatality rates for cyclists, while the nation with the highest rate of helmet use (US) has the highest death rate? Cyclists need safe places to ride, not trope-tweeting bureaucrats
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Paul Geoghegan Jul 5
Replying to @Pflax1 @Shmuli
With respect, your reasoning is flawed. One person, by themself, can spend $30 and increase their safety in one day. I am all for bicycle infrastructure, but it costs millions and takes years. Don’t discourage other cyclists from wearing helmets. It’s a stupid thing to do.
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Peter Flax Jul 5
You are entitled to you own opinion. I stopped wearing a helmet for utility riding a few months ago and note that cars give me much more space now. The calculous is actually quite complicated. In any case, I never tell any cyclists not to wear a helmet—that's a personal choice.
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