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“America deserves a Commander-in-Chief who knows what that sacrifice means and who will honor the sacred promise we make to our veterans.” —
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Marxist Benevolent Association Jan 3
Imperialist Peter!
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Jordana de la AntiNazi🐼 Jan 3
Nice message!
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ProudTrojanMomma Jan 3
Yep, kudos to you cause that's definitely not .
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leonberger_mom Jan 3
I’m the daughter of a DAV. I’m for Pete!
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Guest 🇺🇸🌊🇪🇺 Jan 3
The backbone of a world power. The nation's life insurance.
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lmwelp Jan 3
This is a very meaningful message. I haven’t reached any decision on the prez race (except not the status quo) but the fact that Pete is a veteran is so important to me as a military spouse. I don’t think people without that connection understand.
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Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye Jan 3
As a former military brat I have a very firm grasp of the concept that pork swordplay will avail us nothing. Better to go to meetings.
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Pete,a visionary leader, unifier Jan 3
The rest of the world treats their veterans better than the United States. They risk their lives... Pete is the ONLY person who gets it.. actions!
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Wanda Ellis Jan 3
Thank you for your service
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