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inverted vibe curve: burgertown must be defended Nov 12
Folks White Power terrorism is a highly organized and sophisticated movement with decades of history. It thrives *precisely* by exploiting the gaps and fuzziness in general public awareness between white supremacy writ large and its own extremely organized operations. 1/2
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inverted vibe curve: burgertown must be defended
The fact that a WH official *has been coordinating messaging and presumably policy with a primary organ of the White Power movement* is a big fucking deal. It is not simply the same thing as his (obviously! always!) having been racist! This elision helps him and them! 2/2
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Gravitas Problem Nov 12
B-b-b-but told me that these ppl weren't a real threat?
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Replying to @PatBlanchfield
It certainly should raise more questions about who is banging on the doors of Congressional witnesses at night. I'm amazed at the lack of journalistic curiosity about that.
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