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SGInnovate Jun 17
Don't we all get annoyed with that colleague who asks for help too late? Let our portfolio company, , share how they are preventing from being that 'colleague' of yours.
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Business Weekly Jun 17
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Matteo Vit Jun 15
based (or with local office) companies play starring role at
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Skyline Technologies Jun 15
Inspirational wrap-up talks Vishal Chathrath from at the iconic about how machine learning can make decisions - “We need to empower humans, who will be then empowered by AI.”
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WIRED Events and Experiences Jun 15
Vishal Chathrath from talks to a full house at the about how machine learning can make decisions - “We need to empower humans, who will be empowered by AI.”
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How much computation do Gaussian processes really need? Read more about our winning research paper
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The challenges facing in Europe – and what is doing to stay ahead. Read blog post after
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Synced Jun 12
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have awarded and our Chief Scientist Carl Edward Rasmussen the ICML 2019 Best Paper Award for “Rates of Convergence for Sparse Variational Gaussian Process Regression”!
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Mark van der Wilk Jun 11
Thanks to for the best paper award for our work on "Rates of Convergence for Sparse Variational Gaussian Process Regression"! First author will be giving the invited talk on Thursday 3PM Hall A. We'll be at poster #237 that evening!
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We are excited to announce we are the winner in the 'Best Innovation in Simulation' category at
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Amadeus Capital Partners Jun 10
Meet Nick Kingsbury from Europe's most active early stage investor , at 12 Jun. Proud backers of
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Joshua Jones Jun 11
Had a great time at yesterday, hanging out with the team at the very popular booth.
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The Stuff & Stories Jun 11
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, CEO & Co-founder, and Lauri Vaittinen, SVP, Investment Solutions, Mandatum Life discussing Human-Machine Teaming & Real World Applications
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Gemma Church Jun 10
Meet the problem that could bring the world to a halt via with thanks to Professors Powell, Yoneki and the research team
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Tech Nation Jun 9
Discover what the future holds for , and how it will continue to shape our lives as & partner up for a day of talks, demonstrations and performances on 15 June, with & others.
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We firmly believe that for to be a viable partner for real-world applications. Good coverage in on our approach.
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We are getting ready for ! Read the blog post by our CEO on the future of AI and human-machine teaming!
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Ben Brabyn Jun 3
The real disruption happens when a new technology combines with a new business model, explains Dr Herman Hauser in a tour-de-force keynote at
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