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Paul F. Tompkins
This is Betty. She came to my show tonight in Lebanon, IL. I love Betty and I am glad she escaped from IKEA.
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Patrick 26 Feb 15
I imagine IKEA like The Prisoner and when you think you really escape, a Swedish Meat Ball encases you and brings you back
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Scott M 26 Feb 15
you just told her it was Black and Blue and that she was incredibly wrong for perceiving Gold and white. Kids R Dumb
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GABY DUNN 26 Feb 15
this is too precious
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Dapper Cthulhu 🗽 26 Feb 15
This tweet is magical.
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Jess Asakevich 26 Feb 15
Now *that,* ladies and gentlemen, is how you do topical comedy. .
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(((DailyShowCouch))) 26 Feb 15
she looks like all those Sweedish meatballs have left her constipated
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The Useless Majors 26 Feb 15
She was so excited to be named Betty!
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Peter Cook 26 Feb 15
She’s grown since we let her free…
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William Valles 26 Feb 15
Not all of us can make that claim. Send help or instructions NOT in Swedish please, sir.
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Grover Saunders 27 Feb 15
Should I know why you're surrounded by copies of "A Surprise for Giraffe and Elephant"?
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Snowy McSnowflake ❄️ 27 Feb 15
I'm so glad you got to meet her. Isn't she great?!
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islamic-awakening 27 Feb 15
We Won’t Allow to Take over Lebanon: army commander
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Congrats on your 250★ tweet!
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Giraffe and Elephant Feb 17
Little late on this, but exudes a slight gravitational field that slowly pulls any of our books towards him.
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