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Ties to Trump and staffers who've passed through the have been a boon for some of Washington's fastest-growing lobbying firms
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Facebook's answers to the political ad question have left campaign strategists in both parties uneasy
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Atlanta businesswoman Kelly Loeffler, set to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), has been a major donor to Republican candidates and groups. She has poured 6 figures into Republican party committees, including the , which will support her in 2020
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Brian Slodysko Dec 4
Campaigns swarm Harris donors after she exits the 2020 race w/ ⁦
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New tax returns for the Donald J. Trump Foundation reveal the charitable organization raised no money and gave none away in the year leading up to President Donald Trump’s agreement to shut down the controversial charitable vehicle.
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- Washington Rep. Denny Heck just announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election. Already, a number of Democrats are lining up to take his place.
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“I think that Mayor Pete should open up the doors so that anyone can come in and report on what’s being said” - on 's fundraising practices
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What will the contests for North Carolina's House districts look like next year?
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Today, filed an emergency request to the Supreme Court to block a subpoena from House Democrats for his financial documents
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$74 million has so far been spent on unsuccessful presidential campaigns in 2020. That number will grow as more candidates drop out.
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Sheila Krumholz Dec 5
View George Nader & affiliates donation data on :
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Citizens for Ethics Dec 6
More than 100 members of Congress have now visited at least one of the properties that President Trump owns and profits from while in office, according to tracking by CREW
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Saudi lobbying efforts have scaled up in the year following the death of Jamal Khashoggi
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At least 22 D.C. lobbying firms saw their revenue more than double in the Trump era compared to the previous three years.
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As cited by Ms. Fonda in this piece, you can follow the money on lobbying here: And oil and gas contributions to federal candidates here:
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By pleading guilty earlier this week to misusing campaign funds California Rep. Duncan Hunter triggered a House rule that bars him from "voting on any question at a meeting of the House or of the Committee of the Whole House"
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While Julian Castro & Cory Booker may not lead the 2020 field in overall contributions from first-in-the-nation Iowa, something about their campaigns has proven more likely to draw financial support from women in The Hawkeye State than from men.
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Kendall Karson Dec 6
. urges McKinsey to release him from his NDA, before telling : "I'll continue to look at what steps that I can take that are lawful & responsible to get this information out ... I'm happy for that information to come out."
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- Even though the Montana governor has tried to squash talk of a Senate run, Democrats are still trying to convince to run.
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New documents reviewed by show some possibly illegal coordination between the campaign of Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and a org supporting her.
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