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Ollie Bayliss
The National League has emailed its clubs reminding them that the vote to end fixtures is a ‘democratic process’. The email comes after some clubs have been lobbying to get the poll changed. The League say they’re trying to “unravel issues in the best and fairest way possible”.
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IanNockolds Apr 11
Why aren’t the leading this process as they did for Steps 3-6? Making the Clubs vote isn’t consultation, it’s a legal safeguard against getting sued! This isn’t right.
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Malcolm White Apr 11
My thoughts exactly. Re lobbying, not on. Notts C and Yeovil rumoured to be culprits. Look what's happening in Jockoland is that what's happening here? I'm not saying it is, but when does lobbying become bullying?
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SSFC Wallsend Branch Apr 11
Amazes me that all non league supposed to be under the same banner ie the pyramid in yet they’ve null and voided most leagues and letting others make there own minds up .... absolutely clueless from the FA
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Roger Wilson Apr 11
Vote may be the wrong way round - they're voting whether to end the season, and THEN will vote how (Void or PPG). So clubs don't know what they're voting for. Nor what the EFL position will be re relegation to and promotion from the NL - EFL is already one club short (Bury).
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Nick DuGard Apr 11
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George Apr 11
When’s the vote?
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