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A group of veterans found each other at a music festival and continued to grow as a collective group that wanted to help each other and other veterans.
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A main focal point in healing out is through creating a close knit ! provides this through and ! As a family, let's get our and involved in this transforming ! Tag and share!
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At we subscribe to the motto of ! We take it to ! During our we put our and into each day! Then, when it is time, we gear up, dress up and ! Let's see your favorite festival gear!
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What is better than putting in a hard days work and coming back to and having a furry four-legged-friend waiting for you?! Nothing! agree and want to see your !
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Would you like to be involved in , , and ? Do you want to be involved in setting up the biggest in the US and be part of what does? Head over to , fill out the app, and get involved today!
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In order to make real , we have to commit ourselves to overcoming and be the leaders in our respective lives. continue the of setting the example in leading from the front!
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have been tirelessly working on the tear-down of@Electric_Forest. When the final note is played, the of our community go right back to work! We do it out of and for what we . Thank you to everyone for their continued !
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Through the program, our see the that is presented in front of them in all aspects. The of a of our own is something that we and through every step of the . We put i all on the line every day!
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As wake up and prepare for the final day of here in Rothbury, MI - site of the historic 2019 we want to take this opportunity to say Happy to our great nation! It is with great and that we served our nation!
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Tomorrow is , and our last day here on the grounds, but more importantly, it’s ! What will you be doing to carry on those feels into our nation's biggest holiday?
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wants to take this time to say thank you and show our to those behind the scenes during . From our and admins, to the board of OURVets. Without you, the and mission to help our nation’s could not take place!
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take in their dedication to completion, that is not just , but also the cleanup. OURVets members are still bonding and creating memories, and want you to share the memories that will last you the next 360 days!
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The greatest of are made when turns to and you're surrounded by that have become ! is creating those memories! What more can we say but thank you for letting us be a part of something so !
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has a way of making you , , and your own . For , nothing can be closer to the truth. We learn every single day of what we can do better in our processes. What has been your most changing moment so far?
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know the importance balancing and during ,! Lounging in a seems to be our members' choice to rest and ! Be on the lookout for them as they come back fully charged for Day 2 of ! We can't wait to meet you!
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For the last 25 days have poured their sweat, blood, and love into creating the ultimate experience for all of you! We hope that you appreciate the detail and the passion that encompasses what is! From our to yours, ! Let's get lost!
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It may not be Thailand, and Ina may not be , "But, Did You Die" always seems appropriate! is dedicated to living to the and everyday! Our love what they do and we love you all for the ! Where will we see you next?
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Not only is creating a and independent system for our , we also bring families together for a common ! Show these two some love for their on this ! Join us, and be the light in a dark tunnel!
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Here at we don't have a case of the and we don't dread the , we welcome it and set the tone for the day with it! We came here to and chew bubble gum, we're all out of bubble gum! Wait until you to see what we have been working on!
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Who says for and has to be a drag? shows that it is all about the and surrounding yourself with who have become can make any better and ! Are you ready for whats coming ?
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Proper leads to ! Our have laid the plans and are executing them with and ! We cannot say thank you enough for the and we are receiving daily from you all!
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