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Oubai Shahbandar
Useful reminder how Assad regime only sustained the precursor to daesh , Islamic State of Iraq , by giving safe haven to the Abu Ghadiya network but also released core leaders of daesh & Qaeda from detention. Assad perhaps key factor in extremist resurgence (he won’t change)
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Victor Csiky Dec 29
Replying to @OS26 @InitIntegrity
So-called "" were largely unheard of before your masters brought their perceived there. Just the facts.
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Sean Mac 🇮🇪 pro-life Dec 29
Replying to @OS26 @InitIntegrity
Leaving out the "small" details is nothing new to you fakenews fools, opposition/terrorists amnesty hrw and other outside influences demanded Assad release these terrorists including jaysh al islam terrorist Alhoush, you lot called them activists then as it suited the narrative
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The Criticizer Dec 29
Replying to @OS26
Misleading read. The Assad was targeted because he lacked a security treaty with Israel. ISIS & jihadists r majorly fund & fatwa supported by Saudi Arabia: When Al-Jubair called 4 military action against Syria (batshoof), Saudi clerics ie AlAreifi called 4 Jihad in Syria
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Kelechi Onwuchekwa Dec 29
Replying to @OS26 @FulanNasrullah
Also @ that time, Assad allowed CIA torture sites on Syrian territory, when he played largely by Beltway rules. He learned the hard way that catering 2 US and it's proxies couldn't protect him from regime change efforts. Same lesson Erdogan learned, and which MbS is finding out.
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DegusLocke Dec 29
Replying to @OS26 @FreeingSyria
Fix it. Jolani did time in , not .
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Pete Klosterman Dec 29
Replying to @OS26 @kthoughtworker
Excellent in depth discussion of how Assad's release of daesh & Qaeda leaders worked in practice in the birth of these organizations: "No Turning Back", Rania Abouzeid.
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Katie 🇬🇧 #Brexit Dec 30
Replying to @OS26 @MorcarsHill
So , was he to know what they'd do ? The UK makes the same mistake,once ppl have served the allotted time what option is there ?
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Ruth R Dec 30
Replying to @Navsteva @OS26
I assume you tell Palestinians the same thing - "Dude, your side lost, Israel won - suck it up and move on" - & they don't listen either.
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