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How cool is this?
This movement needs you now more than ever. Join a long line of progressive organizers in the fight for a better future.
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Elwood Letterlough 14 Sep 12
: We should alert sprecial forces!
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Anne Ditmeyer 14 Sep 12
Sign of the times RT How cool is this?
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Man Of No Filter 14 Sep 12
You dinks presenting a link and then saying it's cool is like my Uncle Dean asking me to pull his finger.
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YARD SALE for OBAMA 14 Sep 12
We think it's pretty cool
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Wendy 14 Sep 12
Make sure you follow Obama's new federal regulations:
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Jove Williams 16 Sep 12
bible titus 1:10/16.. sorry to burst your little bubble of naivety, but you run a country full of missed & big tease opportunity.
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