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We asked our Facebook fans who they turned to when they had ethics questions. And they answered:
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How many of the 9 ethical provisions in the Code of Ethics for Nurses can you name without looking?
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Learn the difference between confidentiality and privacy and how it affects you and your patients:
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Human trafficking is a widespread form of slavery that exists today, even in the U.S. Learn how you can help victims with this 1.0 CEU course:
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Live career fairs are thriving again. Nursing shortages are making fairs a viable solution for employers aiming to attract and hire the right nurses:
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"It was impossible for me to speak authentically about building a Culture of Health when it seemed to exclude critically ill and terminal patients, and the nurses who cared for them and their families."
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It's hard not to tear up when reading this story about how a nurse helped a dying dad create lasting memories for his young daughter:
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Nursing leaders have drafted a blueprint that could help change the country’s healthcare culture into one that is more supportive of nursing ethics:
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What is the best way to address the unethical conduct of healthcare colleagues?
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Patients need nurses more than ever in their final days:
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RNs discuss rationale behind new legislation that requires nurses to earn a BSN within 10 years of initial licensure:
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The push in the healthcare community for nurses to acquire more education does not end when nurses earn bachelor’s degrees:
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Find out the 3 core responsibilities you should be promoting as a nurse:
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Earn 1 CEU with this free continuing education course on genetic testing:
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Nurses explore how advocating for change outside of work is part of RNs’ ethical code:
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Do you wish your workplace had an ethics nurse liason program?
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Are you on an ethics committee at your workplace? Learn how to make the most out of it with these expert tips:
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Open communication with families is key to reducing distress when treating terminally ill children:
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Learn how a workplace can be affected when a nurse breaches patient confidentiality:
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According to Wilkes University, these 6 specific principles of healthcare ethics should be adhered to in every situation:
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