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Jason Notte
The just hosted the largest crowd it's ever had for GABF. It has no incentive to change the location to satiate the only region claiming it's "too fah."
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agoodbeerblog, Esq-ish., LLM, MM, BLT🌎 Sep 24
Replying to @Notteham
Plus the BA has invested seriously in the Colorado-based ziggurat to its own self and that would make its office deities unhappy.
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Jason Notte Sep 24
Replying to @agoodbeerblog
The comfort of one's own bed wins out every time.
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Easy Pretzel 🥨 Sep 24
Replying to @Notteham @BrewersAssoc
Shouldn’t the BA have a responsibility to work with east coast members to help with cold shipping and reassure that the voting is fair? I’ve heard from my local brewers that they feel they have not shot at winning, so why enter? Legit problem for an 8 figure revenue event.
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Jason Notte Sep 25
Yet, somehow, is able to get samples from across the country without subsidizing them or having brewers cry poverty.
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Jeremy Danner Sep 26
I mean no disrespect when I say this, but it sounds like you’re not the target audience for that festival. That’s the mistake we keep making. We assume that all beers/events should appeal to the 1%. If we’re gonna keep growing this thing, we have to play to the masses too.
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Jason Notte Sep 26
Every year, there's grumbling about the . Every year, it draws more people than the year before and packs events throughout the city. Some may feel they outgrow it, but it's an incredibly important event for Oregon beer.
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