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Nibel Jan 28
Rumor: first potential Resident Evil 8 details have leaked - Ethan from VII is the protagonist - first-person - zombies return - new enemy type: werewolves - new stalker enemy type - Chris Redfield will return in some form via
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Wollan Jan 28
Replying to @Nibellion
How trustworthy is this? Hoping for Virtual Reality support.
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It matches with stuff I've been hearing which is why I went forward with it The info in the video is all coming from a playtest that Capcom had some time ago apparently
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Spencer Furniss Jan 28
Replying to @Nibellion @Wollan
I call bullshit. As far as anyone has heard from an actual source, what was RE8 was stashed away and they just started up, very slowly, in the last year. This might be a side game, but eight is definitely not in a state to be played at all.
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