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David Smiley
I’m at HQ. Here’s an image of a ballot to aide discussion about whether layout caused undervotes in the US Senate race
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susan potts 8 Nov 18
WRONG! A SAMPLE BALLOT SAYS SAMPLE AS A WATERMARK RUNNING DIAGONALLY OVER THE ENTIRE BALLOT! This person has placed an X over the names and has no intention of voting for that race.
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Ilene Rachel 9 Nov 18 one said this was a sample ballot. I don't think it was legal to have taken the picture of the front side of the first page, but it was a picture of an actual ballot, trying to point out that the Senate race part of the ballot was "buried" underneath the instructions.
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Let the madness begin! 8 Nov 18
It’s not difficult to find, but a voter who considers the Governor race the top of the ticket - not the federal elections - might see the Gillum/DeSantis box and start there, never filling in the Senate/Rep selections.
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Fred Grimm 8 Nov 18
My early voting place in Broward: two not-so-young women ahead of me were told that they might want to return to the booth and cast votes on the opposite sides of their ballots that they had unwitting left blank. In the crush of election day, I doubt there was time for such help
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🇺🇸Thomas-S Fla🇺🇸 8 Nov 18
I was told both sides when I got mine.
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Izzy Pupper 8 Nov 18
Isn’t it illegal to photograph a filled in ballot?
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Nancy ☀️🌴🌊 8 Nov 18
Makes sense
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TravAndBoo 8 Nov 18
If this theory is correct, wouldn't we expect to se a drop off in the REPRESENTATIVE votes as well? That box is below.
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Guillermo Mena wears a mask 8 Nov 18
Yes, and they're saying the problem was more way more acute (4 to 5 times) in the 24th Congressional District where Rep. Frederica Wilson was running unopposed and apparently not on the ballot (which therefore made the need to vote in the area even less apparent)
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