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Tweets Jun 28
Probably just an explanation and a time estimate would suffice. Seems like a fair bare minimum, doesn't it?
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You should have a calendar product to accompany your habit tracker! Ala Seinfeld "don't break the chain" - I can be your Baron Fig for calendars!
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How can you wake-up the sleepers in your industry?
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It's hard to achieve something if you haven't planned it out. Break goals into tasks, then schedule tasks on your calendar. You're 50% there
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Matt Paisley 29 Aug 16
How our crazy schedule gets organized. keeps the year visible, and it looks 100x cooler than parent/teacher versions. Check em out
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Getting to that time of year... cooler weather, school starting, and calendar domination.
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1212 Creative 5 Aug 16
If you like having an actual planner (gotta write it down - phone doesn't work for me) this one is BEST.
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2017 Calendars printed yesterday (for real)! Will be shipping next week. Pre-order by Friday and save 20%! Use code "SWEETSEVENTEEN"
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Megabite 11 Jun 16
Replying to @mikevardy @NeuYear
It's by far one of the most important investments one can make towards organizing their life. Thanks
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Megabite 11 May 16
Thank you guys for making my work life better.
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Caitlin Anne O'Byrne 20 May 16
This sounds like spam, but it's not. If y'all want 10% off calendar stuff clickity click:
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codychaloner 4 May 16
I love these calendars! Have them at work and at home. Clean and sharp!
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Tom Welch 6 May 16
Ready to use my newly arrived . Thanks
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brian 29 Apr 16
I also need another calender.
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Replying to @lmshirley
Great question! Most likely towards the end of the summer and beginning of Fall. Love the pre-domination thoughts!
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Angelia Baxter, CUA 25 Mar 16
more importantly, your planners ROCK & I will never use another. I'll wait patiently on the Radfolio code, pockets a must :)
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Replying to @CrowdThread
Epic pic! Appreciate the shout out and your photo game is on point! Keep the domination alive.
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Crowd Thread 28 Mar 16
The things I can't live a work day without. Mostly my planner which keeps me on task to reach my goals.
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Replying to @pwoodman
Every extra day of summer is a good thing! Use it wisely.
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Replying to @swestypants
The best part about our planners is that you can start anytime of year... but yes, the updates are pretty cooool!!!
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