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Orion Spacecraft
On August 5, and team performed a 12-minute propulsion test simulating an abort-to-orbit scenario where service module places Orion in orbit should a problem occur after abort system has been jettisoned. Full test:
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Zach Kromer 5 Aug 19
What different types of Abort Modes does Orion have?
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David willis 6 Aug 19
Oh my goodness that’s sexy
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T-Zero Systems 6 Aug 19
Go Orion! More milestones!
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Steve Goyette 6 Aug 19
We asked for a video and you delivered! Thanks for the transparency! Congrats!
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ⵔⴰⵛⴻⴷ ® Rashed 6 Aug 19
Replying to @NASA_Orion @esa and 2 others
Orion is very impressive spacecraft! Sad she's still waiting for a rocket to lift her off the ground
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Grey Area 6 Aug 19
The first part looks like SM parts, what is the second part since it is clearly not the actual SM?
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Joel K. Kearns, Ph.D. 10 Aug 19
The first section of the video shows the RCS attitude thrusters and the auxiliary engines firing on the European Service Module Propulsion Qualification Model (PQM). The second video section shows the exhaust exiting the ground-test diffuser when the PQM’s OMS main engine fired.
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BloomStreetBlues 6 Aug 19
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