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Nice ring... I see it
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Replying to @theTunnelBear
Please i need my free data... i already tweeted twice still nothing
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Trying out so I can browse privately from my ISP.
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You guys must be like best pals or something?
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Trying out so I can browse privately from my ISP.
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The Baghdad battery in the Museum  With good reasons i can say that archaeology has helped us have an in-depth understanding about a lot of things around us, at some point it also gives us some sort of a hint on how to improve them let's say Electricity…
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Oak Island Money Pit Still on the archaeological aspects of mystery. As the saying goes there's nothing hidden under the sun or with time we shall know the truth but most times, Time itself doesn't always shed light on some certain things that happen ar…
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GidiCab Season Jul 10
": Dis one weak me o 😂😂😂😂
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The Moai of Easter Island  Just as we are vaguely familiar with some of the mysteries of the world, as popular as they may be there are still unanswered questions about their origins or the purpose why they were created. The moai statues in Easter islan…
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Its Lit asf🎆
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Here are the main facts about the confederate Gold
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The Odon Pyro Ghost
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Photo Of The Mystery Man Tamam Shud taken by Police I previously wrote about an unexplainable mystery event that doesn't give one the chance to speculate it's origin because it has no evidence or anything linked to it. Which also begs one question "can …
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I've just posted a new blog: The Zodiac Killer
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