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is a simple reminder to make healthful choices for meals and snacks. Tips, recipes, and more! RTs & follows ≠ endorsement.
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Give lettuce wraps a try! Cook chicken, turkey or beef. Then top with peppers, beans, tomatoes, brown rice or quinoa; the options are endless!
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Make half your plate fruits and veggies with this recipe for Bell Pepper and Apple Coleslaw!
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Include kids in meal prep! Teach them about MyPlate & discuss which ingredients fall into each food group.
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September is National Mushroom Month! Use mushrooms in recipes to add flavor, texture, & veggies to your day. Recipe idea:
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USDA Food Safety Sep 19
If you’re returning home after severe weather there are a few things you should know before salvaging food! Some foods in your freezer may make you sick if eaten. Need-to-know guide for safe vs. unsafe foods here ↓
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Go4Life® Sep 19
Physical activity is key to healthy aging. Doing endurance, strength, balance, & flexibility exercises regularly can help you maintain health and independence as you age. This infographic has ideas on getting fit without spending money:
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Looking for a new snack idea? Try these: hard-cooked eggs, popcorn, seeds, whole grain crackers, cut-up veggies with hummus, or enjoy whole fruit.
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USDA Food Safety Sep 18
Dealing with food loss after a flood/power outage? Tips for removing odors from spoiled foods in your appliances below:
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Teach kids about food safety after a flood with this poster – ‘Be Careful with Food & Water.’
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What’s on the menu? Let children help decide, such as choosing a vegetable side dish. Let them draw or write their choice to get them involved in meal planning.
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Here are 3 tips to stay healthy after a hurricane. More info in this toolkit:
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After a hurricane, food may not be safe to eat. Learn more in this poster from :
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USDA Food Safety Sep 16
Currently affected by a power outage or did your power just come back on? Be sure to follow these tips when going through your refrigerator or freezer ↓
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Dept. of Agriculture Sep 13
Food Safety During Power Outages
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USDA Food Safety Sep 12
Keep your food safe during a power outage to avoid foodborne illness. Key tips to remember ⬇ 1. Keep fridge & freezer doors closed. 2. Food in fridge is safe for up to 4 hours. 3. Food in freezer is safe for up to 48 hours (if full).
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Food Safety Tip - If your power goes out, try to keep the refrigerator & freezer closed as much as possible!
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Barely eat barley? Use this whole grain in soups, salads, risottos, or cook like oatmeal. Try this recipe for Veggie Barley Salad:
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Deciding what to make for dinner can be a constant challenge. For budget-friendly recipe & meal inspiration, visit:
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