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is a simple reminder to make healthful choices for meals and snacks. Tips, recipes, and more! RTs & follows ≠ endorsement.
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Planning healthy meals ahead of time can help you stick to a healthy eating style. New to meal planning? Start here:
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Let your slow cooker work while you do. Use your slow cooker during the day for a hot meal ready by dinnertime.
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This weekend, have a delicious family breakfast with this recipe for Pancakes:
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DYK? Beans and peas are unique foods! They can count towards either your Vegetable Group or Protein Food Group goals! Learn more:
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Coffee craving kicking in? Keep these tips in mind next time you visit your local coffee shop.
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Public health professionals: Want to help people in your community follow the Physical Activity Guidelines? Check out the new resources from :
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USDA Food Safety Nov 15
Clear the fridge & make room for that turkey! It’s Day! With only 1 week until you’ll want to start using foods taking up space in your refrigerator now. Tips to organize below!
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Using a frozen bird this year? Be sure to plan ahead to avoid a disaster! Here are 3 ways to safely thaw your bird ↓
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It's ! Celebrate by making this recipe and topping it with your favorite guacamole!
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Many grocery stores have bulk sections where you can buy a variety of whole grains. It’s a great way to try something new by buying just enough for one meal.
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just released the second edition of the Guidelines for Americans! Check out the updated recommendations:
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Add veggies to your day with squash! It's delicious baked & adds a unique taste & texture to recipes - like this one:
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USDA Food Safety Nov 13
9 DAYS until Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving should be a day full of family & food, not bacteria! 7 reminders you’ll want to take a look at before gathering around the table this year.
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Choose healthier options when you eat out. Try a smaller entrée and a side salad or veggie soup with half a sandwich.
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Here are 5 ways you can snack healthier today!
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Stretch your food dollars - look for coupons with your receipt, as peel-offs on packaging, & on aisle shelves:
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DYK? Eggs are part of the Protein Foods group! Enjoy them at dinner in a quiche, frittata, or in this recipe:
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Give this scrumptious and easy one-dish meal a try! It's perfect for chilly fall evenings.
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USDA Food Safety Nov 8
Almost 25 years later & the Meat & Poultry Hotline still has SUPER turkey advice! Call in, even on Thanksgiving, to ask all of your food safety & turkey questions 📲 1-888-674-6854 🦃🦃🦃
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Serve this baked version of a favorite appetizer for guests or as part of a weekday meal!
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