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Apple Support Nov 6
Long addresses. Phone numbers. Even your favorite quotation. If you have limited mobility, Voice Control in iOS 13 lets you create custom commands to save time when you’re entering text. Here’s how.
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Muorombo WaMkuu
Updated my iphone ios 13.2.2 still didn't solve network dropping after calls I want to get Huawei device. Apple management don't care any more. its time to move. Its getting worse to a point lose my network during calls hence my call drops. Bloody annoying!
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Apple Support Nov 8
Replying to @MuoromboWaMkuu
Let’s work on that together. Based on what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like you worked with our support earlier. Is that correct? Let us know in DM and we’ll go from there.
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farakh_zaman Nov 8
Having same issues. Already working with Apple but almost to the point of returning this phone and going back to my broken iPhone 6 which at least can make consistent calls and have data for navigation. Bought iphone11pro last week & so far hate it bc if ios13
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