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Juan Galaviz
Many people on Facebook (International Lucha Libre Fans group) are upset due to LU’s Big Bad Steve scamming people, he charges people for masks that he’s selling , doesn’t deliver and disappears , smh.
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luchablog Oct 17
Replying to @Mr_J_Galaviz
That's no good.
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Konnan Oct 20
Steve Pain has done alot of shady shit..not surprised..
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Juan Galaviz Oct 21
Once told us about his experience with him, that was it. I hope you and the juice bring this up on the next podcast, there are a lot of legit wrestlers doing good business and unfortunately, a few shady ones like him and Mysterioso Jr to name a few
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Konnan Oct 21
yeah, he screwed the juice over also....Always good to put these people on blast, so others wont be duped
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