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Bram Hubbell 21 Jan 19
Q1: This week on , we’ll be talking all about the Atlantic Revolutions or maybe it’s the Age of Revolutions... Which do you use in the classroom? What works? What do you want to improve?
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Mike Lutz
A1: been using Atl. Rev. because it reinforces that ideas and events have an impact beyond national borders. I restructured my unit to focus on theme of revolution. Looking forward to Ss unpacking the factors that led to these movements throughout the Atlantic world.
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Mike Lutz 21 Jan 19
Replying to @bramhubbell
Come to think of it, I’m going to have my students discuss what label we should apply, the implications of choosing these labels, and what our choices reveal about our perspective. Thanks for the inspiration on this one, Bram!
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Eric Beckman 21 Jan 19
I like this idea, and I'd love to hear how it goes. My students needed nudge to consider something beyond Enlightenment/Atlantic framing. Textbook could be a factor.
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