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Andy Ngo
"Your f—ing skull is being f—ing squashed." Several people have reached out to inform me that the same person has targeted them. They showed evidence. This is one audio recording he left another person. I've reported the harassment directed at me to .
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Barrett Wilson Jun 11
Please get these monsters locked up,
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Shannon Jun 10
He sounds like a small-scale villain that gets trounced easily in some 2-D video game. Jeeeezus. In all seriousness, be careful, Andy. Continue to make these things public, as it hopefully serves as a disincentive for others.
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Jake y Jun 10
I don't think they'd have the strength from their vegan based diets to do any real damage.
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The Arson Chris Jun 10
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
Sorry to see this happening to you. Thank you for all the work you do!!
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S.s Jun 10
Love ya our love is greater than all the hate you get. Keep up your good work.
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Shark by any other name Jun 11
AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH HOW OLD IS THIS KID, LIKE 15? XD My sides are currently transcending the very limits of being.
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JustAnotherDeplorable Jun 11
Sounds 15, so he’s probably a 27 year old software engineer in New York or Cali
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Jane Pratt Jun 11
I’m so sorry. The Portland police have been impotent for years though. Maybe the FBI would help?
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dc_well Jun 11
Exactly. In the Portland antifa videos the police are right there and do nothing.
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