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Jason Moyer-Lee
1/2 So outgoing Vice-Chancellor couldn't resist a final pop at the outsourced workers, their , & supporters.
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Jason Moyer-Lee 26 Jun 19
Replying to @MoyerLee
2/2 Sometimes these things need to be answered.
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Lizzie Reed 26 Jun 19
There's some mental gymnastics involved in the logic of "outsourced workers who have been here for 10 years" and "we obviously can't rush bringing them in house"
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Ed S. 26 Jun 19
Replying to @MoyerLee @IWGBUoL and 4 others
I hope the contents of hIs mailbox was somone else's leftovers.
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Jo Drugan 26 Jun 19
This is awful. I've never met a student who 'places esteem against [sic] the brand of the University'. We might feel proud of our universities, but that pride is bound up in the people who welcomed and helped us, in all sorts of ways. And it can be lost.
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#CleanersInHouse 26 Jun 19
I like the way he considers 'unrecognised union' to be an insult as: 1) He is the reason they are unrecognised 2) IWGB is a legal and official trade union 3) IWGB represents hundreds of UoL workers so really what he is saying is that he hates the people who keep UoL functioning
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Doesn't even seem to care about the fact that the IWGB represents more workers at than the two "recognised" unions. And I thought academics were supposed to be good on attention to detail.
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