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Molly Robison
Just got to relive my youth and sing "Delilah" with in a secret loft in front of maybe 100 people. My life is amazing.
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Pᴜʀʟ Eᴠᴏʟ :) 8 May 15
I have a pretty decent cell phone video of it if you are interested. You two sounded so great together!
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Molly Robison 8 May 15
Replying to @PurlEvol
Yes please and thank you!
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Noni Doll 7 May 15
For some reason, my brain thought this was "Why why WHYYYYY DELILAAAAHHH!!!" as opposed to Dresden Dolls...
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Noni Doll 8 May 15
(Actually , can that happen some time? It's perfect for swooping around stage in open kimono or dressing gown!)
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Alyson Grauer ✍🏻🤠🦄 (she/her) 8 May 15
You were wonderful Molly - nice to meet you afterwards!
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Shannon Desmond 8 May 15
Thank you Molly! That was beautiful. A highlight of the night! Hugs from your ampersand tattoo friend!
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