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Elisabeth🇺🇸 16 Jan 19
Hi, i'm a mom. You might know me from some of my Greatest Hits like "I thought your game was cancelled", "please don't fart on your sister", "why are there dirty socks in the refrigerator" and "I've clearly failed as a mother, just wait until your father gets home"
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My Mother’s Child
Hi, I’m a single woman. You might know me from some of my remixes of Great Hits such as, “Stop Pressuring Me into Marriage”, “Dating is wild”, “I know I’m nearly 30 mum”, and a future hit coming to you soon, “No, he hasn’t proposed yet”.
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Danielle 22 Jan 19
Oh it never ends next comes “have you set the date, when will I become a grandma and my favorite one... you should have at least two so they could have someone to bond with ( I’m an only child)
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