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Mila Nov 24
Norway:2 Korans burned by leader of anti-Islam org SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway)Lars Thorsen,in Kristiansand on Nov 16,2019. Tough had been forbidden by police Muslims attacked him Norwegen,Koran,Koranverbrennung;Islamisierung
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1b) Norway: Leader of SIAN,Lars Thorsen, is no stranger to political controversy. He recently received a 30 day suspended jail sentence and a fine for distributing pamphlets in Oslo that accused Muslims of being “notorious sexual predators” who “rape in epidemic proportions.”
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Mila Nov 25
Replying to @Milatrud11
1c)How does Pakistan protest the detention of 1+ million Muslims in Xinjiang by China? Barely. Pakistan summons Norway's ambassador over burning of Koran by anti-Islamization org SIAN in Kristiansand on Nov 16,2019. Protests in Karachi on Nov 23. Norwegen
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