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Mike Bloomberg
No one knows Small Town America like Indiana’s . He’s spent his life telling the stories of the people that live there and that work there. But small towns in America are struggling. As president, I promise to fight for them.
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Kimberly Morin Feb 5
You know absolutely nothing about small towns. You know absolutely nothing about regular Americans. You're an elitist billionaire who thinks you know what's best for us. You're an authoritarian who seeks to TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY.
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Beautifulmind Feb 5
You don't have to be from a small town to have compassion for the hard working people in small towns, Mike worked hard and made something unlike 45 who lost every dime he was given to the point he had to get in bed with the Russians
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Missy Rains Feb 5
Good music. (Bet Mike asked for permission.) Good ad.
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Karen Feb 5
Yes, unlike trump, I’m sure Mellancamp was on board with this.
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David Hitt Feb 5
Nice work co-opting the themes of small towns, Indiana and empathy for working people for your campaign, Mike. You just made a convincing case to vote for
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Rich Hernandez Feb 5
And yet didn't endorse . 😂
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61Hiphop Feb 5
Your ads continue to be on point.
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Greg Scott Feb 5
Extremely weak. Good song. But how does investing in community colleges directly help small towns? Promising to "fight for them" doesn't really say anything
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Helen Woods Feb 5
He means investment, development. Community colleges might be the only affordable source of higher education for many people. Improving community colleges will benefit the communities they serve.
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debra nyberg haza Feb 5
see, John thinks like I do, Mike can hit trump where it hurts the most. He’d be helluva lot better than
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Myra Schilling 🧙🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ Feb 5
Locking up that crucial Seymour, IN vote!
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