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The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Social Info:
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"But if my dad, who turns 85 this year, was going to ride 40 miles, that was all the inspiration I needed." Matt Ross, a person living with Parkinson's, raised over $23,000 for Parkinson's research.
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Happy Father's Day, ! We've accomplished so much in pursuit of a Parkinson's cure, and we're so thankful for your tireless dedication, optimism and encouragement.
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It can be challenging to plan activities that fit in a range of energy levels, interests and abilities. Our community shared ideas that the entire family can enjoy. 
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Today, after joining the Foundation's Board of Directors and hosting his first Team Fox fundraiser, says: "I have found new energy unlike any I have ever experienced being part of the fight for Parkinson's patients."
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Our community shared lifestyle adjustments that they've found helpful in managing fatigue in . Share your own advice in the replies.
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Deep brain stimulation is the most common surgical treatment for disease. In this free guide, learn about how it's different from other treatments, what makes someone a candidate for DBS, and more.
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Aging Research Jun 12
The Alliance for Aging Research releases The Silver Book®: Parkinson’s Disease with important facts on the disease that affects close to 1 million Americans:
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New study reveals $52 billion annual economic burden of . MJFF, with , , commissioned the study to provide a comprehensive assessment of the cost of PD:
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A recent study suggests that a non-invasive brain wave test -- an EEG -- could help diagnose or measure .
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"Hopefully folks will realize that there are handicaps that cannot always be easily seen or recognized. I’m just doing the best I can."
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Research suggests that the “MIND” diet may decrease the risk of developing disease.
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In most cases, the cause of is unknown. Learn more about the causes of PD:
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Listen to our podcast to hear MJFF scientists and external partners discuss technology that is allowing researchers to read a person's DNA, RNA and proteins, and more!
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“Whether you are having a casual dinner or going out for a night of dancing, Parkinson’s disease doesn’t take reservations and can be unpredictable.”
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Happy birthday, ! Thanks to your continued dedication, we're closer than ever to a Parkinson's cure.
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MJFF is funding unconventional therapies to reduce or prevent freezing and falls in , including gadgets that could detect freezing and prompt movement.
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"I wanted to know, 'What can I do other than take this pill for the rest of my life?' People with PD are more than that. We have options," says Claudia Revilla, who lives with .
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We no longer have to wait for a cure to drop out of the sky. We get out there and do something," says Team Fox member Maggie Rowland Wortendyke.
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., recipient of the WPC Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Parkinson Community. Your commitment to educating others about PD and raising awareness around the world is inspiring. Thank you for being part of the MJFF family.
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For the first time in history, a single-day event raised $1 million -- and then some! Learn more about the New England Ride.
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