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Brit Hume 2 Dec 17
This chap is a PhD who says he’s a scientist. Is this really the best he can do?
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Michael E. Mann
Peter Gleick () is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. So, yeah, he's one of the most respected scientists in the country:
The Pacific Institute envisions a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive now and in the future.
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Steve Sheppard 3 Dec 17
Peter idiot. The world is full of them.
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Michael E. Mann 3 Dec 17
Research suggests the problem is rather the opposite. Read up, this is relevant to you:
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Dave Burton ❌ 3 Dec 17
Respected? 12/2 ≠ 4/1. = former resident “scientist, innovator, and communicator” on global water, environment, climate, identity theft, fraud, character assassination, and forgery. Saved from prison by Dem US Attorney & statute of limitations.
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Dave Burton ❌ 22 Dec 17
Michael Mann's reflexive response to uncomfortable facts is to hide them. So when he got that tweet he predictably blocked me. for Dr. Mann. He wouldn't like this, either:
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LSW 2 Dec 17
I think there is a sufficient accumulation of data for most scientists to go with asshat
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Janae Steville 2 Dec 17
Ignorance of science, math, and history by political asshats such as is why we're careening toward a new Dark Ages in America.
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By the numbers 📊📈🧼🦠😷 3 Dec 17
If by “respected” you mean laughed at fraud, then you’re correct.
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Goose 3 Dec 17
Not by me, and my opinion matters more than convincing you and your friends. His mom should slap his face for being rude.
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