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Michael Cohen
I welcome the opportunity to return to Congress to once again testify under oath truthfully and honestly regarding the hush money payments, which was performed at the direction and in accordance with . Justice will be served.
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Tom Arnold Jul 19
Remember pre-prison when we were going through your contacts & I asked specific questions about payouts for specific women & then I asked if you had anything on Trump & Jeffrey Epstein & you gave me everything you had Trump/Epstein Palm Beach, Miami 92-94. Let's do that in public
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MikeFarb Jul 19
Yes. Let’s.
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🥀 Jul 19
Wow! WTF has happened to our country? Right now there is a Political Prisoner sitting in Prison silenced and treated as a Traitor to this country and this guy gets to have his ppl tweet from his verified account!? Holy shit I'm at a loss for words!
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It’s Time to #FreeRealityWinner Jul 19
in the USA. Michael Cohen can tweet from prison while Reality Winner is silenced in every way. Michael Cohen is at cushy Ottisville while Reality Winner has been thru hell. This young Vet served her country while he served himself! I’m sick! Where’s her help?
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Sandi Bachom Jul 19
You can use twitter in jail? Wtf?
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April in TX Jul 19
Laney Davis is tweeting for him
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Evie CG Jul 19
I may not have agreed with your choices in friends & who you aligned yourself with, but I am incensed with you sitting in prison while Donald, his children & many more are continuing their corruption. Hope Is a liar and needs to be arrested for lying under oath to congress!
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Barbara Weiss Jul 19
I heard that congress chose not to place her under oath! Why, I do not know!
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Jo Jul 19
It doesn’t get more 2019 than this. Former fixer for trolls the POTUS from prison, while serving a sentence for crimes he committed at Individual-1’s behest. Cites, “Justice.” How this doesn’t end up in a pay per view pudding wrestling match- I just don’t know.
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Brian W 🇺🇸 🇮🇪 🇫🇷 Jul 20
We are living in the time of the most unreal transcendant reality show of all time
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