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Let's treat it psychologically. IG: Facebook: breaking free with mo
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Tiny Buddha May 22
"Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others." ~Owen Campbell Jr.
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Deacon Tolu⛪ May 21
RT if you never wore these shirts.
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Wale Adetona May 21
If you see this on your TL, please RT. Adewura is still missing. If you have any useful information, report to the nearest Police station or call the numbers.
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FutureSaveNG May 14
Dear Futuresavers, I understand life can be very stressful in the country, and anyone can decide to ignore this call as as if it doesn't really matter. we all strive to make a living. And live a better life for ourselves and children.
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Replying to @futuresaveng
I support this movement 🏞
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FutureSaveNG May 13
Imagine walking on the streets of armed with placards telling people about .. Imagine the disbelief on faces when you explain d dangers in and and ..imagine comin 2geda for ..imagine a safer future
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Live, Learn, Love...
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Have come to a stage where I dont get disappointed by people's action anymore ✌
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Mind Your Brain May 4
A spiritual master explains why you should stop caring what other people think of you
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FutureSaveNG May 1
Millions are leaving the Chad basin to the Middle Belt, causing more conflicts. Farmers, herders and all who rely on land and plants/grass continue to clash in . The Chad Basin is drying up. The waters are receding. Irrigating is harder. is real.
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Replying to @msTollu
That grease is a trademark of their excellence.
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Replying to @LoftySolarng
Amazing 💙
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Mind Your Brain Apr 30
Insomnia breakthrough: How to fall asleep fast in 15 steps (according to science)
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FutureSaveNG Apr 28
Qinghai Province confronting garbage on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. We have to solve the garbage Menace in our cities. From the pictorial, it's evident this can't be accomplished without the gov't intervention. We all must do our part to save our future.
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Opeyemi Babalola Apr 26
Massive Human/natural Resources Massive insecurity Massive unemployment rate Massive out of school children Massive waste in NASS Massive landmass Massive ghost workers in govt Massive educational decay Massive no of private jets Massive blackout Massive GREEDY politicians.
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FutureSaveNG Apr 27
Thousands in Mozambique are dealing with the aftermath of Cyclone Kenneth, less than a month after another devastating cyclone hit the country. They're yet to recover and it will take a while. Millions of Nigerians needs to be aware of the effects of climate change.
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Lofty Solar NG Apr 22
Today is Earth Day. Begun way back in 1970 at the birth of the environmental movement , now as some of us are conscious of Global Warming and other ecological problems and the threatens posed to our planet this is perhaps the most critical remembrance day of the year.
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I'm tweeting this again because someone might need it! Suicide - 0800567567 Rape - 0214479762 Assault - 0861322322 Depression - 0800121314 Emergency - 112 ADHD Helpline - 0800554433 Trauma Line - 0800205026 Mental Health Line - 0112344837 Retweet for Awareness.
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I'm interested
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Replying to @accessbank_help
I called for assistance, I hope to receive confirmation soon. Thanks
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