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Oisin McQueirns
Reached out to the FAI for an update on the cases of Ryan Johansson and Daniel Crowley in regards their eligibility to represent Ireland at senior international level and I am told that both are "ongoing and progressing," at this moment in time.
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Kevin Higgins Nov 8
Replying to @McQueirns
Find it amazing that no party can offer a date on any eligibility issues. They remain in the ether for months on end with no clarity on a timescale even given to the player.
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Oisin McQueirns Nov 8
Replying to @Kevinhiggins94
Yeah it's pretty bizarre. Would be remiss of me to say I know the ins and outs of an eligibility case, but hard to know what makes it take as long as it does. Nothing more than a waiting game now for both.
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Skippy szn💥🇮🇪 Nov 8
Replying to @McQueirns @KennysKids
Any idea as to why it's so complicated?
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Milltown Friedman Nov 8
Replying to @McQueirns
Crowley played GAA and supported Celtic....can't see why it's taking so long!
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