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Maxime Bernier
That Morgane Oger Foundation also β€œwants to create mapping tool of hatred across Canada.” Everyone to the right of Libs will potentially be on that list. Why does support Far Left propaganda? Is this why CPC now a centrist party?
The Vancouver-based Morgane Oger Foundation has issued a call for volunteers to help build the Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism, to be known as CAPE. @globalnews
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Rob Lussier πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #PPC Candidate for Brandon-Souris May 5
Who gets to define what hate is???
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theNewCanada May 5
Apparently the social media providers. They silence anybody who they don't agree with. I support Trump & will vote for him in 2020. I will also vote in 2019 for a Canadian who speaks up & doesnt suppress my views in my own party too. When did supporting Trump become a hate crime?
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Mikey H. May 5
Actually Oger is NDP so the new 'extremist hate' will be anything right of that
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Bailey May 5
What do or have to say about this? is VP of their party in BC. Maxime Bernier needs to stand up & question the NDP on this matter!
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victoria May 5
This nation needs to know what Andrew scheer say on this? Bring up to scheer!
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Mayoush May 5
Scheer voted against Bill C16...Bernier did not, he voted FOR. So pretty sure Scheer knows a lot more than Bernier.
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Keith May 5
Mapping tools .. Of what they call hate .. Allows them to target .. Certain area's .. Example groups of people .
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Olga Ijewliw May 5
Just colour in the whole map of Canada. We all hate bad ideas, bad deeds.
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Crowsup May 5
I agree with Bernier! Bring on Jordan Peterson and you definately have my vote
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B L Dreger May 5
Who will Police these people? Will they be judge and jury?
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Renaud Gagne May 5
Michelle will support it until she finds herself on the list.
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This Peculiar Clump of Cells May 5
Is its symbol and EYE and its leader named "Sauron"?
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Ken Grierson May 5
Lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Glen Hansman May 5
Replying to @snarkywhiteguy
How so?
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Henry Meyer May 5
Can we please get some coverage Re the China trade issues? Canola, soybeans, and now pork. Is this really happening? Where is our media? This is a potential disaster coming right at us.
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psyminion πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ May 5
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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Bloomin' Jack #PPC2019 #BernierNation May 5
Yikes. I just posted a stupid assumption due to a personality mapping tool. A big mistake. Now this! Max, you knew what you were saying by challenging Michelle!!
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Wayne C May 5
I agree
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