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Matt Walsh
So, in the end, Comey provides evidence of Loretta Lynch's obstruction -- not Trump's. Wow. This hearing is a disaster for the Democrats.
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Gerald 8 Jun 17
Comey felt he needed 2 write everything w/Trump bcuz "thought" Trump a liar. Why did Comey never make note on Lynch. A KNOWN & PROVEN liar?
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Tallu 8 Jun 17
And has finally been outed as the "Clinton Fixer".
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rockynickydog 8 Jun 17
Replying to @MattWalshBlog
Loretta Lynch and Hilary belong in prison. Time to indict and bring them to trial. Justice calls for it.
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Hampton McClendon 8 Jun 17
You probably have to believe in God 1st to believe what He says
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Lettricia Spell 8 Jun 17
Comey said he KNEW the word "matter" was inaccurate but then did it anyway. He intentionally chose to mislead.
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Terry Carter #MAGA #KAG 8 Jun 17
I am so much hoping for that!! She is such a criminal!
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