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socal_cpa Dec 3
Replying to @MattBinder
The average grant/scholarship awarded by Fordham is $27,530. So the net cost is more than half your number.
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Seth Trueger Dec 2
surely wages have kept up with inflation since then right
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Matt Binder Dec 2
Replying to @MDaware @libbycwatson
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Star, Half-Dragon Princess Dec 2
Replying to @MattBinder @aNerdskull
Somehow it is both not hard to pay for college and also free college would be way too expensive
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Lina B. Dec 2
Schrödinger’s Tuition.
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Lyndsey Fifield Dec 3
What’s made tuition skyrocket? Federal funding of student loans. Time to get them out of the game and watch prices plummet.
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Katrina Gulliver Dec 3
Very true. Non defaultable loans (and reduced state funding for public colleges), plus administrative bloat. Back when college was $750/semester, there weren’t 18 Deans of Diversity.
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Radical sandwich anarchist Dec 2
It's always amusing when older people complain that the kids these days want "free stuff" like affordable college. Especially people who theoretically own a computer and can use the google machine.
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DrTaru Dec 2
You forgot the line on that graph that shows minimum wage basically not moving at all.
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