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Martha Karua
Propaganda! The court order is clear, No deadline on huduma registration. For that reason am not boarding !
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James Githuku K May 15
If theres goodwill and citizens interest at heart,let the process go on..kindly rooting for extension
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Lucas Owako May 15
Hon , he did not say there is a deadline; only that the MASS REGISTRATION phase will not be extended. Surely, we cannot have mass registration forever. Those of us who are yet to understand the whole thing will register wherever, if and when we finally get convinced.
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Inonda Inonda May 15
You privilege you might have a majority of us lack, kenyans chukueni Huduma number
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Why then is so hard for me not to follow the suit...
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Kahari sm May 15
its called bitterness in other term..
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Nyakiana May 15
People can register at own time and anyone trying to put deadlines is abusing the court and rule of law. Anyway the exercise is continous
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Jaytee 🇰🇪 May 15
I believe the deadline is for the mass registration phase. You can continue registration at the chiefs office after the deadline.
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James Wakibia May 16
Neither am I!
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Maurice lebly May 21
I think first of all we should read revelation 13:16-18 and 14:9-11
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