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Slate 9 Feb 18
Why did Rob Porter, an alleged domestic abuser, have security clearance at all?
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Mark S. Zaid
I've gotten clearances for guys who had child porn issues
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Deplorable Gen Patton says Fire Yellow Bellies! Nov 8
I'm encouraging people to play Will you join us?
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Christie Nov 8
You brag about this? You’re a sick monster.
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Michael Parnell Nov 9
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David Suslenskiy Nov 8
you are just all around not a good person huh...
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Secretary Not Sure Nov 8
I do find it interesting how much pedophiles hate
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2☆☆Blue Star Mom 🇺🇸 Nov 8
So counselor, have you ever been to Pedo Island? Many of the Democrat Party have been there. Many I'm sure needed clearances. Perhaps the FBI should do a raid on your home in the middle of the night with guns blazing and CNN coincidentally there to film it?
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Michelle 🧝🏻‍♀️✨ Nov 8
Hey, that makes you a monster. Just saying.
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He is sick. As well as his followers.
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