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Mark Ruffalo
I mustache...does quantity count? Or different kinds of mustaches? I've seen quite a few unique styles over the years 😂
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ale (fanpage) 20 Mar 19
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soma⁷ is shaking ass to dis-ease 20 Mar 19
please tell me your made this yourself
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Dressa ✗ 20 Mar 19
You're so cute, I can't
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gas n sip steve 20 Mar 19
no matter what, you win anyway Mark
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Camdalorian 20 Mar 19
Excuse ME Paul Rudd isn’t om twitter to be able to enter this competition but I think we can all agree HE supports the best mustaches around here!
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S'anne 🇺🇸🌊 21 Mar 19
Yeah Paul Rudd for the win!
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dani 20 Mar 19
did you make this collage yourself?
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brooke benway 20 Mar 19
Mark wins because of this. sorry I don’t make the rules.
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Jill K 20 Mar 19
Quality beats quantity every time, and you guys are quality through and through. Regardless of what’s on your face. 😄😊 💚❤️
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Christopher Barboza 20 Mar 19
What mustache were you sporting here?
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