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Blaire Allen Sep 18
I've followed you for a few years and HAVE NEVER read something offensive.
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Mark Pellegrino
Ha. My views on racism: anyone who judges another's character b/c of race is racist. On Islam: ALL ideologies should be criticized.
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Bama Dad Sep 18
Criticized or questioned?
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Mark Pellegrino Sep 18
Replying to @Shell_The_City
All questioned and ALL Criticized for their faults
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Ali Sep 18
*gasp* you mean.... You're not a virtue signalling sjw with a perpetual victim complex? The horror!
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Andrew. also known to respond to Hey you! and OI!! Sep 18
I couldn't read the whole thing, read like a checklist for PC leftist talking points.
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Maddymoose Sep 18
The article is a joke.
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Caitlin Tierney Sep 18
All online articles/blogs should not be taken seriously. And if the fans were truly upset by any of this the show would've ended long ago
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Mark Pellegrino Sep 19
There are a vocal and activist few who are sort of malignant. They are full of sound and fury...signifying nothing.
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Caitlin Tierney Sep 19
I just find it ridiculous that this is all over a TV show when they could direct their outcry at real world issues
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