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Mark Davis
"As soon as announced a plan to , it became my job to help that plan succeed." Superb take from Dallas mayor
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Texas NonLethal Hornet Apr 29
Any comment from Gruppenfuhrer Jenkins? I doubt he will help at all.
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Debbie Apr 29
It's refreshing to experience what legitimate leadership looks like. Thank you !!
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Steve Smith Apr 29
Very refreshing interview.
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Anita Childress Apr 29
This is why we love . His interview today reminds us what real leadership, smart analysis, and non-partisan dedication to Dallas look like.
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Msharktwit Apr 29
It’s funny that after Abbot spoke, Smith county announced yesterday was the first day we have not had a single case. I won’t look a gift horse in the face, but it’s funny we don’t have any new cases when it’s tied to the percentage a business can open up. Coincidence?
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phillip jaubert Apr 29
pointing out the obvious
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alwaysbsnapping Apr 29
When are you getting your powdered wig
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Rideshare2Vote Apr 29
So what is the plan? Where can we learn more about it?
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Diana Apr 29
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n/0 Apr 30
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Replying to @divideby0zero
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