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are transforming schools & libraries into hubs of hands-on 21st century STEM/STEAM learning.
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ManufacturingStories May 16
Makey Makey Makerspace Project - Make a Piano & Learn About Circuits via
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Makey Makey May 15
Yeah! Another BIG floor piano! Make your own with our handy dandy guide!
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Make a pop-up paper piano that really plays using
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Great design !
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Jessica Telesmanich May 16
The marble run we’ve had this year! These boys spent so much time perfecting it until they were satisfied. Perseverance is just one upside of doing
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Lauren Newman May 16
Some more fun from this morning w ’s classes! Ss used apps on their phones for robots, teamwork for , trial & error for paths, got hands messy w , and used their creative sides in art & design!
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barrigertz May 16
Loving the addition of a button maker to the
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Mita Mohapatra May 16
Grade 1 students in making animals, trees, houses for their Red Ridinghood I can’t wait for them to finish this project with SUPER EXCITED 😊 ❤️
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Mandi Figlioli #magicinthemaking May 15
Social Studies + = 4th grade Hall of Architecture. Why memorize facts when you can MAKE history?
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Paige Scheibe May 15
K students participated in the challenge and the theme this year was: be a Disney Princess and help others. He chose Ariel, so he invented a robot to clean the trash out of the ocean!
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Corrie Kemp May 15
MakerSpace is hopping with creators today! The best part about my job is seeing Ss try new things, problem solve, & overcome obstacles to experience success.
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Replying to @LisaLamphier
Congrats !
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Mindess Library May 15
Perseverance and revision made their code successfully navigate the maze!
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MackinMaker May 15
The library is no longer a place for stern shush's! It's a place to welcome creativity, fun, hands-on learning and so much more! What do your students love most about your ? ➡️
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Mill Pond Imagination Station May 15
Today’s 4th grade built the coolest out of and !
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Ponoka Elementary May 15
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Paige Scheibe May 14
Stop by the library to check out our 1st graders What is a Robot project!
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Lee Martin May 15
Join , & from around the globe this June 14th for a experience like no other. Click the link & retweet the info for others.
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Mike Bryant May 14
students designed and created NETS for a figurine that folded into a package.
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