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Maja Kocijančič
We are saddened to learn of the plane crash that took place today in Ethiopia. At this difficult time, the EU expresses its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the passengers and crew of flight ET302
EEAS - European External Action Service - European Union External Action
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N'anga Zvayo Mar 10
Replying to @MajaEUspox @euinzim
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Replying to @MajaEUspox
You must start prot ivestigation for the type of plane because is the second crash in a few may keep them grounded until the results
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Nicholas Opossum Mar 10
Replying to @MarNickRS @MajaEUspox
Of course she sleeps well. Why should she lose any sleep about Serbia's obsession about Kosovo? That train left in 1999.
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Oleg Mar 11
Replying to @MajaEUspox
We are not going to ask if there was a ballistic cause to the crash or a mechanical or electrical malfunction due to wear and tear, sabotage or an external cause of. We are not going to send Detective Euro 'to check it out'. 'We' the 'civilised' 'know better'.
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