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2 significant problems with Resistance hordes screaming "QuidProQuo!IMPEACHNOW!," says: 1) Placing conditions on taxpayer aid to foreign countries is fine, good, typical. But 2) Conditions for aid not communicated to Ukraine in any case.
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Guy Thompson 🇨🇦 (Producer) Oct 23
It's his job to ensure the elections are not interfered with by foreign powers. It is his top priority.
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CapRox Oct 23
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Steven Boone Oct 23
Mark is one of the only reporters that can speak the truth.
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BehindTheMask? Oct 23
They are not going to use the quid pro quo against him. They are going for the most vague article as possible likely an abuse of office scenario.
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Bill Oct 23
Which has no definition in the Constitution so they can make up what it means. So the next President that comes along after Trump congress can use "Abuse of Power" if they don't like a policy!
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ReggieSpeaks Oct 23
"Do me a favor though"
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Lisa GHT Oct 23
psssst......... "Wait 'til after the election when I have more flexibility"
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Josh Hinton Oct 23
It is now a central tenet of conservative "belief" that it is GOOD and NECESSARY for billionaire politicians to enrich and empower themselves using the functions of government. Conservatives who DON'T agree with this have their careers destroyed. Conservatism is radioactive.
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Spying did occur Oct 23
Hunter Biden: "I wouldn't have gotten the position at Burisma if my last name wasn't Biden"
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