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Black Nonbelievers 16 Feb 18
“In my house being a different faith or even ambivalent was alright, but not having any beliefs, that was a problem, and bothered my mother the most. When I told her I was an atheist...she saw this as the highest form of arrogance.”
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Martin Yirrell 16 Feb 18
Replying to @BNonbelievers
Indeed, it is arrogance, to claim you know all things, when you know that God exists.
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TEACH critical thinking 16 Feb 18
Non believers don't know good exists because ..... His existence hasn't ever been scientifically substantiated. You don't get to tell people what they know or don't know.
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Martin Yirrell
Science isn't the only way to truth, indeed it quite often isn't even a way. But you know God exists.
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TEACH critical thinking 17 Feb 18
Real tangible truths are only found through science. Religious, spiritual, mystical truths (the type you speak of) are all outside of science. So you're right there. I just have no need for any of those "truths". Which God do you think I know exists? How do I know?
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