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LDA 4h
From the LDA Website- LDA Pres: Last Remarks to Working Group on Suppression of Chronic Lyme! Read what the sole patient advocate on the 2020 WG had to say...
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"Dating is an absurd concept when you have nerve pain in your arms so debilitating that your sister has to brush your teeth for you." by in
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Lyme Disease Biobank 4h
AND tests for B. miyamotoi are not very good. We are characterizing clinical samples for this pathogen, and it's really challenging. We need better tests! AND we need well-characterized samples to create better tests. See above.
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PA Tick Lab 6h
Your Weekly Tick Report is here! We hope you all have a great weekend!
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Hein Sprong Dec 2
A Nature article featuring the discovery on an unusual? -borne disease: Cracking the meat-allergy mystery with the tick-bite link.
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In study, high responders (36%) and well patients (6%) reported substantially better quality of life, a greater percentage of improvement, and reduction in symptom severity. Read the study:
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Recently diagnosed with Lyme? Check out our resource page to get you going in the right direction.
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Hein Sprong Nov 30
Hedgehogs, squirrels and blackbirds are reservoir hosts for many Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. genospecies as well as for Borrelia miyamotoi in both urban and rural areas. These urban dwellers can carry multiple Borrelia genospecies simultaneously. .
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Bay Area Lyme Foundation Dec 2
Studying genes in wild-type & genetically modified strains, they found over 30 plasmids that carry different antibiotic resistance markers
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Thomas Mather 18h
Hooboy, tough to spot that one in a self-inspection. Be willing to ask for help. Also, tucking shirttails in at the waist can help prevent ticks from biting in hard to inspect places under shirts.
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"Although Lyme disease is estimated to have over 400,000 cases per year – research for Lyme disease trails behind leprosy, which has an incidence of less than 200 cases a year." by
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Kristen Honey 21h
Keep pushing us in gov to better serve you Your voice matters. pain & loss & suffering too real 2009-2012 my mantra was: Rest. Breathe. Sleep. Pray. Accept. Surrender. Heal. 💜 Years later, I look at this’s a marathon. Keep running 💚
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Denying Lyme treatment is "deeply institutionalized discrimination"
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Thank you to everyone who participated in Learn more about who we are and what we've been doing since 1989.
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"My story would be different if only the doctors I met had kept their promise to the Hippocratic Oath. Instead, with the help of Lyme disease, they put me on a roller coaster ride."
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"The research agenda is missing a focus on several critical areas. Improved understanding in these areas will lead to better therapeutic targets." Julie Wagner
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Let's arm our children with powerful "One Health" knowledge.
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Leveraging the wealth of available data to help Lyme patients recover
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Lonnie R Marcum, PT, BSHCA Dec 2
I hope the Lyme community appreciates the years of dedication and hard work Pat Smith has given. She was the lone patient representative on this years TBDWG. We owe her a HUGE thank you for fighting for patients rights. Thank you, Pat!
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TBC United Dec 2
I’m honored to have worked along side Dr on the subcommittee and proud of the results! Now to set our sites on next steps such as the amazing innovations and help from ! 💚
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