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Lyle Morris
First reporting I've seen that pilots are being jammed while flying over the South China Sea.
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Will Schryver 15 Apr 18
I've become convinced that the question of new Russian/Chinese electronic warfare capabilities is being actively suppressed in western media. And that fact alone leads me to believe there is *much* greater capability -- and concern -- than the Navy desires to be widely known.
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BFL Vigilante 15 Apr 18
The question is WTF are those aircraft doing there to start with??? Kind of far from your land isn't it?? This is what happens when you sink your nose in somebody else's territory. 😅
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Michael Thomas 15 Apr 18
Replying to @LyleJMorris @USNavy
There were fleeting posts indicating the ship collisions of last year were characterized by loss of electronic location programs.
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Sam Liu 15 Apr 18
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N_Phelge 16 Apr 18
Exactly what to expect out of the Chinese. For a Society known for wisdom they act stupidly.
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Dragon Wong 16 Apr 18
A civilization that is way much older than the young U.S. In fact Chinese has the longest continuous civilization compared to any other on this planet. It carries a lot of virtues, but definitely the stupidity is not part of it. Neither the bullying nor the hyping qualities!
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