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1) This is a former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout. He is in Puerto Rico. He's telling you the truth. FEMA and POTUS are lying to us.
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Kate Henderson Oct 12
Why does no one seem to know that the mayor is a she: Carmen Yulín Cruz...all these guys are talking about the mayor as if it's a he...
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Lucian Oct 12
Replying to @K8Comms @DonnaGillis
Carmen Cruz is the Mayor of San Juan. These men are in Anasco. The Mayor of Anasco is a Man. Different town.
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Charles Van Cott Oct 13
Isn’t the Investigating whether government officials in have kept supplies from the people? 🤔
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Lucian Oct 14
No that is not true. The FBI is investigating supplies not leaving the U.S.
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Veronica j stumpff Jan 22
Replying to @LucianRandolph
You are America! YOU are what we stand for. You guys are our heroes.
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Lucian Jan 22
Replying to @StumpffVeronica
Thank you💕❤️👍
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