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Lou Dobbs
Travesty of Justice: says Gen. Michael Flynn was framed by Obama era FBI officials and believes the entire case needs to be dismissed.
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Dragon Lee. Avenging Angel. Apr 28
A whole lot of law suit should start taking place from a lot of people
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Pat Avallone Apr 28
He plead guilty!
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Paul Anderson Apr 28
Lou add some humor to this crazy hysteria. Hilarious!!!!! What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now! Face with medical mask (ORIGINAL)
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TRUMP365 Apr 28
She is the BEST! If there was an confusion or mixed messages surrounding COVID-19 this will CLEAR the AIR! MUST MUST WATCH!
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Gbemi Ola Apr 28
This stinks already
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Troy Collier Apr 28
This has stunk for 3 1/2 years.
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Storm Apr 28
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Lee Cekala Apr 28
The 'deep state' will never face accountability. The United States will assume the 'risk'.
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hammer00 Apr 28
I can’t wait till these people get what is coming to them. Destroyed an American hero. When will republicans start prosecuting these Democrats and all there comrads
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Austin Stain Apr 28
Shame us they won’t, certain people are above the law, case in point
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